Report Situation COVID-19

Data as reported by Grupo SOCEM, Campus Martingança 17.01.2022

As we live today it is our responsibility to protect our employees and their families, while continuing our commitment to our clients and projects.

In this sense, we disclose to our clients the current situation of our employees and the measures taken by Grupo SOCEM, in the expectation that better times will come.

We continue all activities with reinforcement contingency measures:

  • Shift system in factory units;
  • Back to in-Office work, with required distances between workspaces and increased safety and hygienic measurements.

Prevention and control measures in Grupo SOCEM:

In order to avoid possible contagion, there is a reinforcement with all collaborators, external services and visitors on the basic rules of hygiene and prevention of contagion:

  1. Awareness actions with the collaborators:
    1. Clarify about the symptoms of the disease;
    2. Inform the Director of People Management if you are part of the risk group;
    3. Delivering individual portions of blue soap to each collaborator;
    4. Mandatory use of masks during working hours;
    5. Temperature measurement without recording the data obtained;
    6. Comply with the Respiratory Etiquette Rules;
    7. Appeal internally the usage of auto-tests or rapid antigen tests.
  1. Sending e-mail to our suppliers and carriers with the preventive measures taken at Grupo SOCEM, directed to them:
    1. For suppliers and forwarders, the use of own mask and gloves is mandatory. If you do not have this equipment, it is mandatory to stay in the vehicle until someone in charge handles the loading or unloading of cargo;
    2. It is mandatory the use of gloves and masks for all collaborators of Grupo SOCEM who are directly connected to loading and unloading or who are in direct contact with strangers in the service.
  1. Assess whether the coming of suppliers to the Grupo SOCEM is indispensable;
  1. In case of customer visits to Grupo SOCEM:
    1. They need prior request and should not exceed 5 people;
    2. We give priority to communication via e-mail, telephone conferences or video conferences;
    3. When visiting Grupo SOCEM the use of our own mask is mandatory.
  1. Internal meetings should preferably be made through video or phone conferences;
  1. While having a face-to-face meeting safety distance is mandatory and if possible keep the door open to allow air circulation;
  1. After face-to-face meetings, the table and chairs must be disinfected;
  1. Intensify the hygienization of the spaces and offering of disinfectant in the companies;
  1. The mandatory distance between employees should be maintained;
  1. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

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